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Why Alchemy?


 People around the world have practiced spiritual ritual for thousands of years, and millions of people currently receive its benefits. Looking into ones own Soul to find truth takes deep courage and commitment. Alchemy, traditionally, is the  transforming of lower metals into higher metals. Alchemy can also refer to the growth process of our own personal inner being. We can, through contemplation and spiritual practice, transform our truth into higher Truth; reflect our understanding into higher understanding; and trade compassion for deeper compassion.  

Heal with Community


 The Alchemy Home is dedicated to making various forms and levels of spiritual practice available to everyone. We offer many different forms of yoga including Yin, Kundalini, and Hatha. We also offer individual Shamanic Healing sessions including Soul Retrieval and Illuminations.

Yoga/spiritual practice builds the container that allows us to grow more fully into our creative potential. Practicing with other like-minded individuals is ideal for physical, mental, emotional and soul health.

We offer classes, workshops, and private sessions, all of which help to shed light on the most authentic you. This, of course, has an impact on all other aspects of ones life. 

Connect to Your Truth


 We're a unique space dedicated to recovering what we believe is the essence of life: a conscious and honest relationship with ones inner Truth. This is your birthright. Yoga and Shamanic practices help improve your body and bring a deeper sense of belonging, self-awareness, and mindfulness to your life. It is important to build up your inner space  in order to receive clarity about your unique path. Regular practice is key to peeling off the layers of Avidya (mis-knowing) and getting in tune with your Soul, Mind and Body.   

Who We Are!

Rachel True


Rachel True is a RYT certified Yoga Teacher and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She believes the practices guide her soul towards the freedom it longs for. Rachel is also a trained shamanic practitioner.  She blends her shamanic and yogic studies/principals and weaves them into her lifestyle and practices.  Rachel is full of wanderlust and lives for adventure.  She thrives when she's pushed outside the comfort zone of modernity, for this is where possibility and the opportunity for growth and transformation are vast.  

Justin True


 Justin True is RYT  certified Yoga Teacher and trained Shamanic Practitioner. He's most interested in where the methods take us. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and observation are all simply methods. We use these methods to bring us to something more authentic and of a greater depth than the mental and emotional bodies tend to take us. Justin holds space and offers opportunities for something unexpected to happen; an inner encounter  or an experience; maybe even an epiphany. We’re always moving from truth to higher truth. Yoga asana, pranayama, Shamanic practices, and contemplation are vehicles that can take us there, if we’re willing. Lets ride together! 



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